Blue Society European Youth Forum

17 Setembro 2015

During the Sea for Society project, we undertook Consultations throughout Europe, many with young EU citizens who provided ideas that helped clarify the values of a Blue Society. Now it is time to go further and mobilize the European populace to build this society, using current ideas to implement concrete actions for the future!


Sea for Society is offering the opportunity to European youths, aged 18 to 25, to speak directly to some of Europe's best marine and maritime experts during a dedicated event preceding the Blue Society launch event at the European Parliament next November*.



Swedish SFS Youth Consultation, 2013.


The Blue Society European Youth Parliament (BSEYP) will bring together a group of informed young people, from throughout the European Union, to debate and discuss current Ocean issues in the context of the Blue Society ideal.


Following a period of research and preparation, the members of the youth parliament will come together in Brussels to discuss practical aspects of implementing the Blue Society. Together with Ocean experts from their own country and beyond, BSEYP delegates will outline their recommendations for a sustainable future. Ultimately, they will be offered a unique opportunity to present their proposals to the Members of the European Parliament during a Sea for Society event at the parliament.


This unique opportunity is just one of the many activities taking place during the Mobilization Phase of the SFS project. For more information visit our Events page, or follow us on Facebook for updates.


* more information on this event to follow.


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