Start date End date Activity Location(s) of activity Country Partners involved
26/11/15 26/11/15 Sea for Society, Ireland: ‘Marine Outreach and Ocean Literacy Think Tank’ The Marker Hotel, Dublin, from 10.00am to 4.30pm Ireland AquaTT
14/11/15 14/11/15 Blue Talk Lisbon Portugal Ciência Viva
28/10/15 30/10/15 European Business Network (EBN) Congress 2015 Brussles, Belgium Belgium European Business Network (EBN)
09/10/15 09/10/15 Cooking with Sustainable Seafood Acquario Di Genova, Italy 12:30 pm Italy Acquario Di Genova
02/10/15 03/10/15 The sustainable seafood event: taste it with us ... Acquario Di Genova, Italy Italy Acquario Di Genova
22/09/15 22/09/15 Seminar: Blue invest – EU support to maritime regions Brussels, Belgium Belgium European Business Network (EBN)
25/08/14 25/08/14 A day with… UGOT Israel UGOT
02/04/14 02/04/14 Open Your Doors UGOT Marine Research Station Israel UGOT