Blue Society Launch Event


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Our global Ocean is vast, covering over 70 % of the Earth and is vital to our life and wellbeing producing a huge range of goods and services. Yet it is extremely fragile and is experiencing increasing pressure on its resources and ecosystems through human activities. Sea for Society, a three-year mobilization and mutual learning action plan with 28 partners from 12 countries, set out to address the challenge of taking advantage of the Ocean’s tremendous opportunities to meet society’s current and future needs whilst protecting it for future generations. Sea for Society has engaged over 500 stakeholders and citizens in a dialogue on the future of our Ocean. Together they have developed more than 700 ideas to improve human-Ocean dynamics and over 600 solutions to address barriers to sustainability. Ultimately, putting these solutions into action will help us build a Blue Society.


This event, organised in collaboration with the EP Intergroup on “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development”, will provide a platform to learn and exchange on how the concept of a Blue Society can become a reality through open discussion among invited participants representing science, industry, policy-makers and civil society. Sectoral representatives, including youth, will use their own practical experience toexplain how we can move towards a Blue Society by galvanizing its values within their own spheres of influence. The event will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and for identifying practical strategies for the future. Organisations and individuals present will have the opportunity to sign a commitment to become champions of the Blue Society by committing to positive change in their own personal and professional activities.